Foundations of Solo Game Dev

The remainder of 2020 (as of July 2020) will be dedicated to acquiring the basic skills needed to be a solo Indie game dev.  As a result I'll be trying to develop the basic skills of game development (programming and design), art, and music production. While there is no way I'll become a master of any of these, but this year will allow me to enter 2021 with the knowledge needed to start releasing some games suitable for actual release.
  • Time: I get up at 4:30 am before my family and get about 1 - 1.5 hours of work in before starting my shift.
  • Productivity: a big focus skills/tool wise will be things that can help speed up my workflow.
  • Community: at the moment I don't have community of developers I can connect with.
Learning Goals 
For a full list of links to the individual courses and books I'm using check below the Projects section 👇. The general skills I'm looking to acquire are,
  • Clean Programming and understanding of programming patterns.
  • Basic art and animation skills.
  • Fundamental understanding of music theory and production.
My goal is to play around with little proof of concept projects, and game jams until an idea clicks with me. At that point on a daily basis I'll work on that with intermittent game jams to experiment.
Courses & Books
I will do reviews of these books and courses as I finish them, so I am not necessarily recommending any of them until I have the chance to finish them. That said I have considered and purchased each of them before putting them on this list.